Human Being is A Social Animal. What He Earns from the Society, He has a Responsibility to Give it Back. We at GFSI Have Pledged to Be Socially Responsible & Share our Experience & Earnings with the Society in 2 Ways :

Career Opportunity : We Welcome Anyone Interested in Learning Our Way of Business & Earning a Livelihood by Joining our Team & Be a Part of our Family & Friends, To get in touch with us. Only thing we need from them is Their Time & Full Dedication. We Believe in Teaching the Mentally & Physically Healthy Members of Our Society to Earn A Living with Respect. We believe in Teaching How to Fish rather than Serving Fish Everyday.

Charity : We Donate 10% of Our Monthly Gross Earnings to Charitable Causes. This is mainly for those members of Our Society who are not in a position to Earn Their Living or are in a Total State of Devastation due to reasons beyond their control like natural calamities.. We Wish & We Will Work towards Increasing Our Social Percentage in the Years to Come.